A complete e-commerce order completion system with video recording

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The innovation factor of dcCheckList

The dcCheckList system is an innovative solution for the e-commerce industry. As a stand-alone module, it offers the functionality of an order completion and monitoring system. A complete system consists of software, PC with a touch screen monitor, label printer, and 12Mpx camera for video recording. The most crucial element is the software that manages the entire completion process and packing of goods, including handling mistakes, and cooperation with WMS and ERP systems. The dcCheckList system is the only solution of its kind on the market.

System operation

The system consists of server software that communicates with the WMS/ERP and workstation software. In addition, it controls video recordings during goods completion and packing process. The packing stations are equipped with computers and touch screens, label printers and high resolution 12 Mpx cameras.

The dcCheckList system implementation allows for efficient, error-free and fully controlled packing process in any e-commerce environment. The system is dedicated for e-commerce operators and online shops, which do not have a professional system to manage order completions.

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