dcStream Mobile

The light guiding system (Put to Light) and order completion video recording system for forklifts

Innovative system for contract logistics and forklift multi-order picking operations

dcStreamMobile is a tool that supports forklift order completion processes in distribution centres.

The system allows for optimization and control of a preparer’s work, particularly effective in multi-order picking operations.

The dcStreamMobile system is equipped with a number of components implementing the following functionalities:

Cooperation with mobile terminals and voice picking devices – a computer on a forklift connected to the WLAN network interprets scanned barcodes and sent messages and based on them controls the lights and the recording process;
Indicating the target medium with the use of lights (put-to-light) – the interpreted data is sent to the communication module that controls the LEDs and illuminates the medium at the right moment to which the goods are to be sent;
Video monitoring of the picking process – a high definition camera (12Mpx) located directly above the media records the entire picking process and places each recording on a local hard drive;

Automatic indexing and synchronization of recordings – recordings are indexed with the SSCC codes of carriers and limited to its duration, and tags with the EAN / SKU codes of the picked goods are added to each frame. The proprietary synchronization mechanism independently transfers the saved files to the server, making it resistant to problems with the range and capacity of the WLAN network;

Instant on-line access to recordings – the portal available from anywhere allows you to quickly search (e.g. using the pallet number, article code or customer name), verify and make such a recording available to the customer, which significantly speeds up the process of considering each complaint.



Quick and error-free processing of third-party complaints

Correct stack-up

Ability to verify the correct placement of goods on a pallet

Checking for errors

Checking goods ready for shipping and fixing errors made at order completion stage

Customer satisfaction

Significant increase in customer satisfaction

The LIGHT module is used for the light-guided order completion process called “Put to Light”. It works with a WMS or directly with mobile terminals (DataWedge application). Its primary purpose is an indication of goods placement on a correct logistic medium. The LIGHT module allows performing order completion with the use of mobile terminals as well as locating goods, scanning, and using voice commands.

The STREAM module is used for video recording and extends our advanced dcStream technology. The system allows video recording of the completion process only but uses a very high-resolution video camera, e.g., 12 Mpx, and indexes video recordings with SSCC codes of logistic media being used, EAN, and SKU codes. All video recordings are indexed with EAN codes related to a specific moment of goods picking during an order completion process. Moreover, this module allows logging and tracking operators’ location.

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    • The system was made very quickly. Our comments were taken into account on an ongoing basis during the implementation and operation. We are satisfied with the entire scope of cooperation with DCLOG …

      Leszek Elert
      IT Manager, Aliplast
    • DCLOG is very committed to meeting our needs. New projects and modifications support the cost optimization of e-commerce processes and increase the quality of work of the entire logistics center …

      Damian Krzympiec
      Logistics Director, Member of the Management Board 3LP SA
    • The dcDMS system has brought our company and our contractors measurable economic and organizational benefits in the form of a significant reduction in the time devoted to logistics coordination …

      Patryk Bucholc
      Logistics Support Coordinator, VW Group Polska
    • Thanks to the implementation of the dcWrapper system, we have gained tangible benefits in the form of real monitoring of wrappers and pallets, reduction of complaints about completed pallets and completeness of shipments, shortening the time of searching for pallets …

      Jacek Polechoński
      IT Manager, Raben Group Polska