Complete packing stations for e-commerce

Software and hardware (PC, touch screen, scanner, label printer, 12 MPx camera)

Interface for WMS or ERP

Handling order completion errors

Your goods packing process for e-commerce under full control!

Pełna obsługa stanowiska kompletacji lub pakowania

The process begins by scanning the number of the carrier or the picking order.

Then the dcCheckList system downloads the contents of the picking list from the client’s ERP or WMS and starts recording the picking process. The downloaded list content is displayed graphically on the touch screen. An employee prepares a cardboard box by selecting its size on the screen and scans the first article.

The system displays a photo of the article for comparison purposes and marks in the statement on the monitor that one item has been placed in the carton. Appropriate information is also placed on the recording in the company of displaying the EAN or SKU code. The employee continues the packing process until the complete order is prepared. Then it prints the parcel label, which is downloaded from the ERP, WMS system.

In the case of non-compliance in the form of too few or too many articles, incorrect article, damage, etc., the employee stops the process during packing and reports the so-called anomaly, prints a label with an error code and removes the goods from the station. Appropriate information is sent to the leader’s computer, which decides how to solve the problem. This matter is no longer dealt with by the packer, because his task is to efficiently complete the picking to the carton and not to explain the inconsistencies. A dedicated person takes the “inconsistent” order from the stand and corrects the error. Then the carrier is sent to the picking station again.

In the event that labels or tracing paper in the printer run out at the station, an unusual situation occurs, the employee handling the packaging may report the problem by selecting the appropriate service icon on the touch screen. The code is then displayed on an information monitor for maintenance workers. An employee of this department, seeing the application, quickly goes to the position and removes the cause of the problem.



Fully automated order completion or packing station

Data Presentation

Displaying information about packed goods

Data logging

Logging and verifying goods using barcode scanners


All order completions are video recorded

Handling mistakes

Managing human errors, e.g., missing items, damaged packaging, packing wrong goods

Data Presentation

Show photographed goods on-demand
Preview images from the camera
Present recorded images


Integration with ERP or WMS systems (bi-directional interface)

Notifications for employees

Employees can report issues as well as the system may display notifications for traffic management staff

Comprehensive system

Complete workstations (a computer, touch screen monitor, barcode scanner, label printer)


All the necessary notification equipment for traffic management staff

When does the system provide benefits:

  1. At e-commerce business launch
  2. When there is no implemented carton box packing process or WMS management integration
  3. When there is no WMS, but picking / order completion lists only
  4. When there is no order completeness check
  5. When there is no video recording of the packing process
  6. When there is a problem in increasing quality and efficiency of a packing or inspection process.

Benefits of using dcCheckList:

  1. Professional handling of packing process in e-commerce
  2. Handling mix-ups, process errors
  3. High-resolution video recording and indexing with EAN/SKU codes
  4. Increased efficiency of the picking / packing process
  5. Significant reduction in the number of complaints, fewer valid complaints

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    • The system was made very quickly. Our comments were taken into account on an ongoing basis during the implementation and operation. We are satisfied with the entire scope of cooperation with DCLOG …

      Leszek Elert
      IT Manager, Aliplast
    • DCLOG is very committed to meeting our needs. New projects and modifications support the cost optimization of e-commerce processes and increase the quality of work of the entire logistics center …

      Damian Krzympiec
      Logistics Director, Member of the Management Board 3LP SA
    • The dcDMS system has brought our company and our contractors measurable economic and organizational benefits in the form of a significant reduction in the time devoted to logistics coordination …

      Patryk Bucholc
      Logistics Support Coordinator, VW Group Polska
    • Thanks to the implementation of the dcWrapper system, we have gained tangible benefits in the form of real monitoring of wrappers and pallets, reduction of complaints about completed pallets and completeness of shipments, shortening the time of searching for pallets …

      Jacek Polechoński
      IT Manager, Raben Group Polska