Implementation of the dcDMS system in the ID Logistics distribution center

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DCLOG has finalized the implementation of the dcDMS system for a logistics provider in the area of ​​a contract logistics provider – ID Logistics. The system was launched in a logistics center connected to the E.Leclerc network. Thanks to the use of DCLOG, ID Logistics can now access a very wide spectrum of data, which will help in the process to improve operations and optimize processes.

ID Logistics started servicing the E.Leclerc chain of stores in mid-2021. The logistics operator is responsible for the storage, packaging and distribution of the procedure (including cooling) to E.Leclerc stores in Poland. Operational operations are in a warehouse in Wola Rakowa near Łódź, with an area of ​​nearly 20,000 sq m.

Implementation of the dcDMS system based on half a year, due to the language, its standard functionality and cooperation with the French GAEL system, i.e. the appropriate WMS class. Order numbers are downloaded from the WMS system, which are then sent to suppliers. Providing a standard notification (time, dock number) also has access to information about the type of order.

Thanks to this, it is possible to further manage the warehouse system on the operator’s side. Sharing with the interface with the dcDMS implementation allows you to view all generated notifications within the supplier. In addition, the introduction of a supplement complemented by other dcDMS products: Put to Light solution on forklifts – dcStreamMobile; Full handling of complaints – dcClaim.

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