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We are a leader on the market of innovative IT solutions for e-commerce, logistics and production companies. We combine competences in the field of programming, hardware, communication and industrial automation.

We design proprietary systems for automatic identification, control and planning of logistics processes and other solutions that allow our clients to gain time and money.

Our mission is to be the leader on the market of innovative solutions, we want constantly follow the world achievements in this field and offer them to our clients.

Tailored solutions

  • QualityNajważniejszym priorytetem jest dla nas jakość.
  • StabilityNasze rozwiązania są zbudowane w oparciu o najnowsze technologie IT, automatycznej identyfikacji i automatyki.
  • Confidence in timeDzięki naszej strategii realizujemy wieloletnią współpracę z naszymi klientami.
  • Remote monitoringSystemy nasze są zdalnie monitorowane przez dział techniczny, co daje gwarancję niezawodności oraz pewności działania.

Why they appreciate us!

When others throw their hands, we accept the challenge. There are no standard solutions, because problems are also rarely standard.

Sprint is our implementation model. Our record is 5 days – implementation of dcDMS in India.

Our systems work right away, from day one. We monitor them remotely to ensure safety and stability. We build and cultivate long-lasting relationships with clients. We have cooperated with many for many years.


We specialize in providing innovative solutions for logistic and manufacturing companies. Our mission is to be a leader on the market of innovative IT solutions and automatic identification. Our superior advantage is the understanding of operational processes in the context of the entire business and appropriate technical knowledge.

Our team consists of high-class specialists in the field of automatic identification systems, software, databases, interfaces, communication infrastructure, logistics systems and warehouse systems.
We can combine competences in the field of software, hardware, communication and industrial automation.

Zebra Technologies – we are an authorized Premier Partner in the field of scanners, mobile terminals, label printers, DPM technology, RFiD technology, etc.

Zebra Technologies – we are also an authorized ISV (independent software vendor) partner as a producer of software for mobile devices

Inotec (inotec Barcode Security GmbH) – we are a partner in Poland. We cooperate in projects related to marking warehouses with special location labels

Our history


establishment of the DCLOG company


launching a WiFi radio network as a service at one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the area of 8ha


first implementation of the pallet photo registration system – dcWrapper, at Raben


the first large implementation of a video recording system for the e-commerce completion process – dcStream, at 3LP (50 workstations)


first cloud implementation of the new YMS system – dcDMS in Poland, in the following years of implementation in India, Romania and Israel


the first major implementation of the system for over 400 couriers – dcPoD


first cloud-based implementation of a logistic complaint handling system – dcClaim


the first implementation of the Put to Light system and video recording on forklifts – dcStreamMobile and commissioning of over 70 workstations within six months. Receiving the main award at the Logistics Gala for the most innovative solution for logistics, storage and transport for the dcStreamMobile system


first implementation of complete stands for picking and e-commerce video recording at ID Logistics (10 positions). Receiving the main prize in a global competition organized by ID Logistics for the most innovative solution for the dcStreamMobile system


Implementations at clients


Online recordings of completed packages


Decrease in complaints


Notifications monthly

We challenge logistics but not the customers to whom we offer comprehensive support.

We work with category leaders

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