Industry sectors

Our clients operate in many industries. See the list of the key industries we support.

All our services and solutions are dedicated to the three main industries.


Logistics for e-commerce and contract logistics.


Manufactures using their own warehouses.


Retail companies focusing on goods distribution.

Our approach

Logistics is the bloodstream of the sales industry. At DCLOG, we are fully aware of that fact. We know that small mistakes tend to lead to large ones, cause delays, and result in undesired consequences.

We have been providing our customers with solutions that allow avoiding mistakes. And above all, to improve business workflows, save time and money. The results are impressive, as, for example, we can reduce the overall number of client complaints by 90%.

When others are helpless, we step in and take up the challenge. We analyse currently implemented workflows, standards of operation, and procedures. We do not implement common solutions, as complex issues are just not common. Fixing a problem is just not enough for us. That is why Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is crucial to what we do. Understanding the whole process enables us to fix and improve any implemented system. Your company gains momentum, and we have an exciting job.

  • Bespoke solutionsWe design tailor-made solutions. We adjust them to the client, not the other way around. And we do it fast. Sprint is our implementation model.
  • Full customer supportBut when it comes to customer relations - we definitely focus on a marathon. We remotely monitor implemented systems to ensure security and stability for our customers.
  • Ready for any challengeWe are a leader on the market of innovative IT solutions for the logistics industry. Challenge us!