Keep an eye on the important things.

  • dcStream (video recording) and dcPickList (order completion) combined.
  • A dedicated supervision solution for carton/pallet packing with sensitive goods.
  • Video recording of the entire process.
  • Record the whole process.

100% increase in the efficiency of controllers using the dcStreamList

When handling high value goods, you cannot miss anything

For that reason we have created dcStreamList to monitor pallets with high value or high risk goods. It is an innovative combination of our three systems: dcStream (video recording), dcPickList (order completion) and dcWrapper (archiving images of pallets).

Synergia to więcej niż suma elementów. dcStreamList oprócz zapisów video i zdjęć, rejestruje wszystkie czynności wykonywane przez kontrolera, pomagając mu w pracy.

Kontroler nie musi już wypełniać druczków i raportów, może się w pełni skupić na procesie weryfikacji. Dzięki temu jest pewien, że nic mu nie umknie. Kierownik działu kontroli też ma spokój – wszystko zarejestrowane, oznaczone, zweryfikowane, a w razie problemówlub błędów, po prostu dostaje SMS-a z informacją.


Video recording and order completion

A combination of the dcStream (video recording) and dcPickList (picking) systems.


Dedicated supervision solution for sensitive goods packing (high value or high risk).

Image recording

Video record the whole process.


Record everything during goods’ inspection.

When does the system provide benefits:

  1. At e-commerce business launch
  2. When there is no packed goods monitoring
  3. When the cost of complaints is too high
  4. When there is no video recording of inspection processes
  5. When it is difficult to increase quality and efficiency of a packing or inspection process.

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    What the customers say

    Opinions from implementations

    The satisfaction of our customers is a priceless value for us. It allows to strengthen relationships and gain new companies through recommendations.

    • The system was made very quickly. Our comments were taken into account on an ongoing basis during the implementation and operation. We are satisfied with the entire scope of cooperation with DCLOG …

      Leszek Elert
      IT Manager, Aliplast
    • DCLOG is very committed to meeting our needs. New projects and modifications support the cost optimization of e-commerce processes and increase the quality of work of the entire logistics center …

      Damian Krzympiec
      Logistics Director, Member of the Management Board 3LP SA
    • The dcDMS system has brought our company and our contractors measurable economic and organizational benefits in the form of a significant reduction in the time devoted to logistics coordination …

      Patryk Bucholc
      Logistics Support Coordinator, VW Group Polska
    • Thanks to the implementation of the dcWrapper system, we have gained tangible benefits in the form of real monitoring of wrappers and pallets, reduction of complaints about completed pallets and completeness of shipments, shortening the time of searching for pallets …

      Jacek Polechoński
      IT Manager, Raben Group Polska