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DCLOG award

The 2019 Transport and Production Logistics Gala was held on December the 5th, 2019 – at that event we received the top prize for our dcStreamMobile system in the category the Most Innovative Product for Contract Logistics!

The dcStreamMobile system has been acclaimed as the most innovative solution for contract logistics, warehousing, and transportation by a jury composed of professionals from the most prominent Polish universities teaching logistics and economics. The jury appreciated the holistic approach of our solution, the combination of different technologies, and an actual efficiency increase in logistic processes in a warehouse.

dcStreamMobile in detail:

A unique system that supports a preparer’s work during the parallel order completion process on several logistics carriers using a forklift. Key features:

  1. Indicating logistics carriers (pallets, boxes) on which the goods are to be placed (Put to Light feature on a forklift):
    1) Accurate and error-free carrier indication (each carrier is indicated with a different color of light)
    2) Operators don’t need to scan and manually confirm SSCC codes on carriers
    3) Integration with the whole order completion process through Voice or mobile terminals
  2. Video record your order completion process directly from the forklift:
    1) Recordings are limited to the duration of any given task
    2) Recordings are indexed with task numbers, SSCC codes of media
    3) Recordings are automatically uploaded to a dcStreamMobile server
    4) Each video frame in your recordings is indexed with an EAN/SKU code of goods being picked up
    5) Real-time verification of each completed order

Learn more about the Gala Awards here:

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