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The boom in e-commerce, observed since the outbreak of the pandemic, is undoubtedly the most important factor influencing the development of logistics. The high requirements of customers regarding the time of order fulfillment and efficient handling of returns made logistics operators look for technologies that would guarantee the highest efficiency of the picking process. Among the many manufacturers of such solutions, DCLOG stands out here – a Polish company that implements its innovations in this field worldwide, and now offers its customers the advanced dcStreamMobile system.

The product, called dcStreamMobile, was developed as a combination of two technologies – video recording and put to light (PTL) – to support logistics processes directly on the forklift. There is no shortage of manufacturers of solutions from both categories on European markets, but they have never been combined together before. And it is this combination that translates into the uniqueness of the solution and the measurable benefits of logistics operators. That is why the system is valued not only in Poland, but all over the world.

Completion with dcStreamMobile

The dcStreamMobile system was created to automatically control the process of picking goods using forklifts (arrangement of two, three pallets or other logistic carriers at the same time). The system automatically documents the picking process and collects high-resolution video records. Thanks to this, dcStreamMobile supports the control and complaint process. The solution consists of two modules that can be run together or separately: LIGHT and STREAM.

The LIGHT module is used to control the light picking process (Put to Light technology) and works with the WMS or directly with mobile terminals (DataWedge application). It indicates the logistic carrier on which the goods should be placed. The LIGHT module guarantees error-free indication of the carrier (each carrier is marked with a different light color), eliminates the need to read and confirm the SSCC code and ensures full integration with the picking service using mobile terminals or voice technology.

The STREAM module is used for video recording and is an extension of the dcStream technology. It consists in recording only the picking process using a camera with a very high resolution (of the order of 12 Mpx) and indexing them with the SSCC code of the carrier, EAN and SKU codes. The recordings show the moments of completing the goods together with their EAN identifiers. In addition, the module can register the location where a given process was carried out. The recording is limited to the duration of the mission only and is marked with the mission number and SSCC codes of the carriers. In addition, the film material is automatically uploaded to the dcStreamMobile server, which allows for instant verification of the picking process.

Expansion of dcStreamMobile to global markets

The recent implementation of dcStreamMobile for ID Logistics France, designed for Signify’s contract services, was the first installation of the solution in France. The goal of the implementation was to increase the productivity of multipicking by 10%. In addition, the number of errors during the preparation was reduced by 75% and the complaint process was accelerated by over 20%.

Preparations for the implementation took a year, due to the location of the project and the need to modify the system to new forklift designs, which was carried out directly in cooperation with Toyota Material Handling. An additional modification in this implementation was the use of four lamps to indicate carriers.

Of course, it was also necessary to adjust the system exactly to the customer’s needs, prepare devices and technical documentation. The next element was the configuration of the system and its final launch. The last scope of work included technical and service training.

ID Logistics France decided to install another 20 stations later this year. Plans for next year include other locations in France and Spain, and a little later in the USA.

Multidisciplinary competences

The DCLOG company has been operating on the market since 2011. From the very beginning, its development was based on an innovative combination of competences in the field of programming, communication and industrial automation. The company’s goal has always been to increase the efficiency of existing logistics processes by creating dedicated innovations. DCLOG implemented i.a. implementation of notification systems in France, India, Romania and Israel, and a new solution, such as dcStreamMobile, heralds success on other global markets.

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