Keep an eye on the process till the very end!

  • Archiving HD images of pallets.
  • Search for a pallet in less than 1 second.
  • Measure wrapping film use.
  • Automatically measure height, weight, and index pallets.
  • Maximum efficiency in hard disk capacity use: up to 100,000 images of pallets on one 1TB drive.

14 days – the average time required for a complete implementation of the dcWrapper system

dcWrapper takes high resolution images at the final stage of the packing process – pallet wrapping.

This system allows to obtain images of pallets in a state they are sent to recipients. The system is fully integrated with the pallet wrappers and automatically indexes archived images by their pallet codes.


HD images

Images of pallets are captured in HD quality.

Ultra speed

Identification of a pallet takes less than 1 second.

Wrapping use

Measure wrapping film use per pallet.


Automatic measurement of volume, weight, and pallet indexing.


Hard drive space saver: a single 1TB hard drive can store approx. 100,000 images of pallets.

Complaints should no longer be a problem! All dcClaim processes and procedures are transparent and standardised.

Your customers have access to all the information you store, which builds an honest relationship with both
consumers and contractors.

The resullt? You need less than 1 second to retrieve the documentation from a year ago! And the data takes up little space on the disk (approximate 1TB of the disk is enough to save images of 100,000 palettes). Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will deal with each complaint immediately by searching it according to the barcode, and you have access to photos from over a year ago. Our system meets the requirements of transport law, allows you to verify the correctness of placing on a pallet and minimize picking errors.

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    What the customers say

    Opinions from implementations

    The satisfaction of our customers is a priceless value for us. It allows to strengthen relationships and gain new companies through recommendations.

    • The system was made very quickly. Our comments were taken into account on an ongoing basis during the implementation and operation. We are satisfied with the entire scope of cooperation with DCLOG …

      Leszek Elert
      IT Manager, Aliplast
    • DCLOG is very committed to meeting our needs. New projects and modifications support the cost optimization of e-commerce processes and increase the quality of work of the entire logistics center …

      Damian Krzympiec
      Logistics Director, Member of the Management Board 3LP SA
    • The dcDMS system has brought our company and our contractors measurable economic and organizational benefits in the form of a significant reduction in the time devoted to logistics coordination …

      Patryk Bucholc
      Logistics Support Coordinator, VW Group Polska
    • Thanks to the implementation of the dcWrapper system, we have gained tangible benefits in the form of real monitoring of wrappers and pallets, reduction of complaints about completed pallets and completeness of shipments, shortening the time of searching for pallets …

      Jacek Polechoński
      IT Manager, Raben Group Polska