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We combine the free use of new technologies with the needs of our clients. As? Find out below!

We often meet non-standard customer needs. This is due to the lack of availability of the solutions sought on the market or the emergence of interesting ideas. In addition, there are all kinds of unusual situations. Fortunately, we have a lot of knowledge and experience in the use of various technologies, such as IT, databases, interfaces, WEB applications, industrial automation and logistics processes (we advised several clients when choosing WMS systems). We also have an efficient technical and development team.


Initially, this system has been created for Auchan. Its primary purpose is to implement two processes in logistics centers


  • Quality control of fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat delivered to warehouses
  • Control of order completeness on mixed DRY goods pallets shipped from logistics centers.

The project was created because of the need to implement a modern, mobile system that supports the work of Auchan’s controllers, who work in logistics centres and supervise the suppliers and logistics operators. The idea was that the controllers have online access to all the necessary information at any time and any place and can continuously monitor the results of performed tasks. In turn, the management team has a full image of undertaken inspections and the quality of work performed by the logistics operators.


The WEB application allows to use a WMS system to supervise warehouse operations at Rohlig Suus. The WEB is a web app overlay for the WMS that allows direct coordination of all logistics orders. Each customer of a logistics operator has access to the warehouse management system from a warehouse-based browser.


The WEB is an application for reporting and controlling warehouse and transport orders for FIEGE customers. The most important objectives for this system were to migrate data from the AS400 environment to a local database and to implement a fast reporting web app accessible from a browser.


A cloud-based application for managing client orders at CAT Logistics. The system was developed within two months, as there was an urgent need to make logistics-related features available through a web browser. This custom made application was integrated with the client’s database and run from the DCLOG cloud. Stability and fast implementation were a priority here, and we made it.


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