We provide innovative and comprehensive solutions for e-commerce, logistics and production

We use the latest and proven technological solutions that guarantee the efficiency, security and stability of our systems. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and looking for more modern technologies in order to provide our clients with the highest quality solutions.

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    dcStreamMobile system – two technologies in one picking process

    The boom in e-commerce, observed since the outbreak of the pandemic, is undoubtedly the most important factor influencing the development of logistics. The high requirements of customers regarding the time of order fulfillment and efficient handling of returns made logistics operators look for technologies that would guarantee
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    Implementation of the dcDMS system in the ID Logistics distribution center

    DCLOG has finalized the implementation of the dcDMS system for a logistics provider in the area of ​​a contract logistics provider – ID Logistics. The system was launched in a logistics center connected to the E.Leclerc network. Thanks to the use of DCLOG, ID Logistics can now access a very wide spectrum of data, which...
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    Gold Medal at the Poznan International Fair TAROPAK 2018

    The dcWrapper system with its Discovery wrapper won the Gold Medal at the 2018 TAROPAK International Fair in the category Packaging and Labeling
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    India in five days? Yes!

    When others throw their hands, we accept the challenge. There are no standard solutions, because problems are also rarely standard. Sprint is our implementation model. Our record is 5 days – this was how long it took to implement dcDMS in India.

    Since first day

    Our systems work right away, from day one. We monitor them remotely to ensure safety and stability.

    Challenges? Yes!

    When others throw their hands, we accept the challenge. We verify the adopted schemes. We do not accept standard solutions, because problems are also rarely standard.


    Fixing the problem is not enough for us. That is why a precise diagnosis is so important to us.

    Tailored to your needs

    We adapt our systems to the customer, not the other way around. And we do it quickly – sprint is our implementation model.

    But when it comes to customer relations – we definitely focus on a marathon. We use the latest and proven technological solutions and constantly monitor them to ensure our clients safety and stability.


    When others spread their hands, we take up the challenge

    • We are looking for inspiration
    • Trusted partners
    • We combine technologies
    • We work for leaders
    Why we are creative

    We work like an R&D company

    We are open to new ideas and ideas. We create new things with passion and commitment. It is our customers who inspire us to develop new systems, without them our solutions would not be created. In fact, we only translate customer ideas into IT tools.

    Why is it worth cooperating with us?

    World-class solutions

    Zebra Technologies – we are an authorized Premium Partner for the entire offer, including mobile terminals, label printers of other technologies. We have extensive experience in the field of devices and technologies for automatic identification. In addition, we have the ISV (Indenpendent Software Vendor) status as an independent software producer on the Zebra Technologies hardware platform. Our technical team supports customers in the operation of these systems.

    Why are we looking for new technologies

    Latest technologies in systems

    We are constantly looking for new technologies, we also think about using the current ones in terms of new systems. We try to learn about solutions that may be useful in the systems we offer to our clients. Combining different technologies gives amazing results, as can be seen on the example of our dcStreamMobile system supporting voice multipicking on forklifts. There, we used mobile technology, automation control, video recording, radio transmission and a few others.

    Why is it worth cooperating with us?

    We build the trust of the largest operators on the market

    We work for exceptional clients, including:


    The latest system - dcStreamMobile

    Watch how our implementation with a logistics partner translated into joint success!

    dcStreamMobile is a forklift combination of dcStream (video recording) and PTL (light control). Works with voice systems. In addition, video recording of the entire process.

    70% decrease in the number of complaints

    the number of complaints decreased after the implementation of dcStreamMobile

    10% increase in multipicking efficiency

    the efficiency of multipicking on forklifts increased

    50% reduction in preparation errors

    the number of preparation errors decreased


    Get to know us

    Our systems are used and prove themselves in logistics and production companies.

    We have the knowledge, experience and appropriate tools to meet the challenges and find a solution to each problem. We approach each client individually, we do not stick to strictly defined patterns or paths.

    At DCLOG, we believe that success is a component of many factors

    Know how to keep you ahead

    • Zebra PartnerZebra Technologies equipment - terminals, scanners, printers
    • Proprietary solutionApplication WEB, Ckoud DCLOG, dcWrapper, dcStream, dcStreamMobile, dcPoD, dcStreamList, dcDMS …
    • Research and developmentThe latest technologies, Know How, Database systems, Expert systems, Interfaces, Image analysis

    We shorten implementation times

    For large corporations, “fast” means 6 months. After a month, DCLOG presented a prototype solution.

    Sebastian Biskupski, Warehouse & Logistics Manager

    Global Operations Flextronics


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    Implementation feedback

    Implementation feedback

    The satisfaction of our customers is priceless for us. It allows you to strengthen relationships and gain new companies through referrals.

    • The system was made very quickly. Our comments were taken into account during the implementation and operation on an ongoing basis. We are pleased with the entire scope of cooperation with DCLOG …

      Leszek Elert
      IT Manager, Aliplast
    • DCLOG is very committed to meeting our needs. New projects and modifications help to optimize the costs of e-commerce processes and improve the quality of work of the entire logistics center …

      Damian Krzympiec
      Director Logistic, Board Member 3LP SA
    • The dcDMS system has brought measurable economic and organizational benefits to our company and our contractors in the form of a significant reduction in the time spent on logistics coordination …

      Patryk Bucholc
      Logistics Support Coordinator, VW Group Polska
    • Thanks to the implementation of the dcWrapper system, we have gained measurable benefits in the form of real monitoring of wrappers and pallets, reduction of complaints about completed pallets and completeness of shipments, shortening the time of searching for pallets …

      Jacek Polechoński
      IT Manager, Raben Group Polska