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Career at DCLOG

Our mission is to be a leader on the market of innovative IT solutions and automatic identification, we want to constantly follow the global achievements in this field and offer them to our clients.

We are an open team with extensive experience in the integration of various IT systems, technical solutions and technologies. We try to work with the highest commitment
and quality because we believe our customers expect it. We try to take up challenges in the areas of new solutions and technologies.

We approach new tasks and challenges with passion.

Our office is located in a cozy tenement house in Saska Kępa in Warsaw. Casual atmosphere, dedicated departments, knowledge of roles facilitate everyday work. An additional advantage is the quiet garden, which in the summer months can be both a place of rest during work and relaxation afterwards.

In terms of cooperation with new employees, we use our own philosophy:

  • We share knowledge and help develop his skills
  • Everyone receives full mentoring, i.e. an older colleague will help you find yourself in a new job. Everyone started working the same way
  • Everyone knows their tasks and there is no doubt what to do on a given day
  • An excellent work atmosphere translates into its quality. We know it and we care about it

Good team

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We focus on a relaxed but professional atmosphere. Everyone knows their roles and tasks to be performed on each day. We help, support, we are open minded.

Oferty pracy

Nasz zespół składa się z wysokiej klasy specjalistów z dziedziny oprogramowania, baz danych, interfejsów, infrastruktury komunikacyjnej, systemów logistycznych i systemów magazynowych. Testujemy nowe technologie i urządzenia. Budujemy własne systemy.

Naszymi klientami są liderzy w swoich dziedzinach jak Volkswagen, Flextronics, Kuehne+Nagel, ID Logistics, InterCars, 3LP i wielu innych.

C++ coder

Based : Warsaw